How we see Real Estate broking

Real Estate consulting must bring together the interests of all parties involved in a deal. We try to make sure that who sells their property with us sees it advertised and handled with care, experience and productivity.

Who buys knows the price is adequate to market reality and which property are fair priced and which are less. Also, as the law requires, our professional insurance in always in place for any problem.


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We are proud to oversee the complete respect for all legal aspects of all transactions. We are very strict with our own professional ethics with all legalities and with clarification to sellers and buyers of all details and intricacies of real estate.

We try to guarantee a serious and honest service without any ''pushing'' for what the client does not need. We make sure the clients are well informed in very specific aspects:

  • Complete transparency on what can and cannot be be done
  • Go towards the clients interest and objective not forcing what he does not want
  • Objective consulting on appraisals, values and specially on the loan payment capacity

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Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira, Alentejo. The best of both rural and holiday words
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Drª.Carmen Luz

Com uma experiência de mais de 20 anos na mediação imobiliária no Sudoeste Alentejo, a Drª Carmen Luz empresta a sua simpatia e profissionalismo a todos os assuntos e clientes da agência.

Dr. Filipe Simões

Working for over 10 years in west Lisbon and now in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Filipe Simões borrows his values of transparency and simplicity to his daily tasks at the agency and in all deals

Professionalism and the best regards to the interests of our clients. Wheter you are buyers, sellers, or in any other position all are valued as clients.

We advertise with the best quality possible. We have developed what we think is great website easy to get to and to read. We also ad in several national and international plataform, usually specific towards targeted markets.

Own website, Custo justo, OLX, Luxury Homes, BPI Imobiliário, Idealista, among many other platform are actively used by our team in a very dynamic way in conjunction with high quality media collected for all our properties.

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Your property also deserves featuring. All properties haves pluses and minuses, advantages and disadvantages. We study your property in detail and explore what we think is the best features.

Our photo and video work, data gathering, mapping, etc really brings up and focuses on the best of your property has to offer. Don't worry! Every property has downsides.


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We do what every is possible to answer you and an would be client in a timely manner to reach the client before he needs to call us back. We strive to achieve this even if it is not always possible.



We aim to be as imparcial as possible in the consulting and in the advertising / description of our properties so that all negociations and deals go through clearly and without surprises.


Property management is a very important function in a region mostly composed of 2nd and holiday homes. The distance and low occupation rate of the properties from their owners really ask for a local and very present management team which we have and provide.

We are more than happy to hear your concerns about your property and what you would like to have done. Services as simple as regular cleaning, maitenance, rental management and so on. We will always have someone to help take care of your hard bought home.

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Real Estate consulting in an important service which can really help in several areas: Objective and contextualized appraisals for sale or lease, works and repairs budgeting, licencing, legal documentation and so on.