We aim to be as imparcial as possible in the consulting and in the advertising / description of our properties so that all negotiations and deals go through clearly and without surprises.


Property management is a very important function in a region mostly composed of 2nd and holiday homes. The distance and low occupation rate of the properties from their owners really ask for a local and very present management team which we have and provide.

We are more than happy to hear your concerns about your property and what you would like to have done. Services as simple as regular cleaning, maitenance, rental management and so on. We will always have someone to help take care of your hard bought home.

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Real Estate consulting is an important service which can really help in several areas: Objective and contextualized appraisals for sale or lease, works and repairs budgeting, licencing, legal documentation and so on.

Whetter you want list your property for sale, improve upon it, subject to a loan, lease, etc., we have you covered.

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Energy Certification

The energy efficiency of a house is now an important part of an appraisal and gives a comparative measure of the utilities spending on certified houses and its general build quality. Quote us for this very important and now mandatory service. We provide it anywhere in Portugal.

Real time stats monitoring

Now it is possible for listed property owners to follow and monitor their performance. Visits, contacts, feedback, etc. You get to know the interest raised by your property.
This monitoring along with our work and feedback allows for a better understanding and comparison of properties and client searching trends, value targets and more. Studying this allows us to improve the communication, description, media coverage and even comparative appraisal
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Just information. No strings

Whether you want to list your property, need energy certification or any other licencing, just call us and we will try to help out. We are always here to answer you as quickly as possible. And our information is free with not compromise what so ever.

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